Reference Damme

    Corner window panelling in Damme

    The single-family house in Damme is an old building, which has a double-skin facade with clinker brickwork. The lintels of the corner window are supported by a steel support in front, which lay open.

    A cladding was desired for this , which should match the color of the window decor.


    Corner Window covering in Damme
    Uniform Image of the Window Corner

    With RENOLIT BENDIT, it was possible to clad the window corner without joints. This created a uniform image of the window construction.

    The challenge was to perfectly adapt the cladding with a large projection to the sloping window sill. 



    Name of project: single-family house, Damme


    Colour: Basalt Grey 7012

    Facade: Cladding of window corner with lintel support in front in window decor

    Surface area: Corner cladding, ca. 2 qm

    Uniform Image of the Window Corner