Press release 05 03 2020


    Having excellent solutions is not enough to guarantee the customer impeccable results. That is why the company offers installers constant and qualified training, to allow each RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membrane to be installed to the highest standard. United Kingdom, France and Benelux: RENOLIT training is developing throughout Europe.

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 05 March 2020 – The many RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Training Centers once again renew their offer of training for roofing experts in 2020. Having excellent solutions is not enough to guarantee the customer impeccable result. So, to achieve the desired installation quality of its products, RENOLIT follows the installer step by step, providing all the information necessary to apply each waterproof system to the highest standard. The aim of the scheduled courses, as well as the video tutorials available on the website, is to provide installers with practical skills on waterproofing techniques, to learn their correct installation and exploit the full potential of all RENOLIT ALKORPLAN solutions.

    Over 50 courses, more than 100 days of training and 800 hours of classes, attended by a total of about 300 installers. These are the numbers with which RENOLIT ended its training in 2019, as it developed throughout Europe and achieved positive numbers, especially in the United Kingdom, France and Benelux (Belgium and the Netherlands), but also in Italy and Spain.

    Training is designed for professionals of different levels and is structured into two distinct phases: an initial phase, presented in the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Training Centers, followed by support for the installer during start-up of the first construction site. The company has also promoted a series of further initiatives, designed to meet and deal directly with potential customers.

    Courses, workshops, tutorials and events are essential for passing on knowledge of products and application techniques to workers and site technicians. Not to mention providing updates on aspects of waterproofing that are often overlooked, to avoid problems arising with the roof in the future.

    The educational programme confirms RENOLIT's commitment to training, and the company's willingness to share and pass on knowledge and technical skills, not only internally, but also to installers and customers. So the events just keep on coming, with a rich programme of initiatives already drawn-up for 2020.

    The full calendar, with the contents of the courses, is available in the special section of the RENOLIT website.