Michael Kundel

    Michael Kundel
    Chairman of the Executive Board

    Michael Kundel, born in Worms in 1964, graduated with a degree in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Worms in 1988. After completing his studies, he held various positions at Rütgerswerke AG. Michael Kundel has been working for RENOLIT since 1993. After more than six years as Head of Controlling, he became Managing Director of the Spanish site RENOLIT Hispania S.A.. In 2003, Michael Kundel returned to the RENOLIT headquarters in Worms and became a member of the Executive Board until he was appointed Chairman of the Executive Board in 2008. In the frame of his Management Board activities, he is responsible for the Exterior Solutions and Visual Communication Market Units as well as some Corporate Units of the RENOLIT Group.

    The association's work is of great importance to Michael Kundel. He was on the IVK Europe board for 20 years, eight of which he spent as president. He was also a board member of EuPC and the VinylPlus programme for many years. He chaired the EuPC for four years. He is also Vice President of IHK Rheinhessen and the Advisory Board of Lebenshilfe e.V. Worms.

    Outside of RENOLIT, Michael Kundel enjoys sport and reading. He is also a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and children and travelling with them.

    Short and simple:

    • At RENOLIT since 1993
    • Member of the Executive Board since 2003
    • Chairman of the Executive Board since 2008

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    Articles by Michael Kundel in the RENOLIT Blog

    Michael Kundel


    RENOLIT signs Antwerp Declaration for a European Industry Deal

    To tackle the climate crisis, the European Union presented the concept of a Green Deal a few years ago. The aim is to make the EU climate-neutral by 2050. We support this goal wholeheartedly. However, it is clear to us that this requires a strong industry - and this is currently under acute threat. That is why we have signed the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal.

    Michael Kundel


    A milestone on the road to 100% renewable energies for RENOLIT

    We at RENOLIT know: The future must be sustainable. But climate protection in particular is a major challenge for an industrial company. We have now reached an important milestone on the road to 100 per cent renewable energy at RENOLIT. In this article, I describe what this looks like - and how we want to combine our further progress with maintaining our competitiveness.

    Michael Kundel


    Charter of the Economic Alliance for Democracy in Worms

    We can all feel it: the democratic values that have enabled us to live in freedom, security and prosperity in recent decades are not only under pressure - they are under serious threat. We want to do something about this. That is why we have joined a new economic alliance for democracy here in Worms.

    Michael Kundel


    India and Germany: Entering a new era

    While Germany is coming under increasing pressure as a business location, India is developing more and more from an emerging country into an economic power. This is a great opportunity for a company like RENOLIT - and a strong prospect for the European economy. Let's take advantage of it! In this article, I will highlight the dawn of a new era of economic cooperation and provide an insight into RENOLIT's goals in India.

    Michael Kundel


    Balancing family and career is a question of future viability

    In recent years, family friendliness has become an increasingly important topic in business and politics. And rightly so - because family friendliness is becoming an essential factor for the future viability of companies and the entire business location.

    Michael Kundel


    The future of plastics: an outlook

    The world is facing major challenges - and in some cases profound upheavals. What does this mean for the plastics industry - do plastics have a future and, if so, what does it look like?

    In this article, I venture an outlook on upcoming trends and innovations in plastics.

    Michael Kundel


    Sustainability and climate protection need more target orientation

    Climate protection and sustainability have been among the most important objectives of politics and business for several years. Nevertheless, the overall successes are still modest. One reason for this is the lack of target orientation. For more climate protection, clear priorities must be set and pursued.

    Michael Kundel


    Germany: We need more courage and speed

    Germany is under economic pressure. Global crises, climate change, rising inflation rates and interest rate increases are putting the substance of our prosperity to the test. As CEO of a large medium-sized company in the plastics industry, I view this development with great concern.

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