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    RENOLIT participates in consortium for the utilisation of renewable energies

    As part of its commitment to sustainability, RENOLIT has set itself the goal of reducing its own CO2 emissions and promoting the further use of renewable energies. The company already reported on this topic in February on the Power Purchase Agreement concluded with Weserkraftwerk Bremen. 
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    RENOLIT is now taking further steps and, together with 19 other medium-sized companies, is participating in the consortium "Initiative EE-Industrie" in order to further promote self-supply with green electricity and decarbonisation. The "Initiative EE-Industrie" pursues the approach of constructing and operating wind and photovoltaic systems for the participating companies' own energy supply. This is intended to secure the quantities of energy from alternative sources required by SMEs and reduce the generation costs for green electricity through bundling effects. The initiative also aims to contribute to climate protection and the competitiveness of Germany as a business location.  

    Aerial view of wind turbines and agriculture field

    All 19 companies together have a total electricity consumption of 1,596 GWh/year. According to initial forecasts, the consortium has a need for around 35 to 40 modern wind turbines and photovoltaic systems with an area of around 960,000 square metres. 

    In the first step, the participating companies will develop a practicable and legally compliant concept and a concrete economic framework. If this phase is successfully completed, the project will move on to the actual planning of the energy park. The participants in the initiative are making urgent demands on politicians to improve the availability and competitiveness of green electricity.  

    Read more about this on the EE Initiative website: https://ee-industrie.de/