Start Communication Campaign

    We listened, we learned and now: action

    Recently we asked you, our customers in the sign and graphic industries, to talk to us about how we’re handling the important role of your strategic partner.
    We wanted to understand where we excel, but also the areas where we can do better.

    First of all, thank you for your responses!

    Your input inspired us, and we’ll keep you updated on some ideas and projects that are happening thanks to your impulses.
    Let’s start with a few videos as an introduction: Laura Schied, Director of Strategic Marketing at RENOLIT, talks about how we envision working together with you.

    Values as a meaningful guide in our work

    We asked our customer for feedback

    In our first video with Laura Schied, you’ll experience how we’re going to keep you updated from now on, beginning with some ideas and projects your input has inspired:

    • Introducing a fresh method to ensure you're always in the loop.
    • Delving into intriguing ideas and projects sparked by your valuable suggestions.
    • Fostering improved communication through an open dialogue.
    • Enhancing our mutual understanding.
    • Collaborating on even smarter solutions.
    • Strengthening the foundation of our partnership.
    • Acknowledging the vital role your insights play in driving these positive changes.

    Our values

    With the help of your feedback we set out to put ideas into action. Reflecting on our survey results, the next step was to develop several workshops to be held in all regions of our strategic market unit.

    • All Visual Communication colleagues from all regions had the opportunity to contribute their thoughts on measures and values.
    • In the period from August 2022 to January 2023 there were a total of 8 workshops.
    • Germany, USA, China and India: All Visual Communication regions were represented, resulting in an exchange of experiences and ideas on a global level.
    • One tangible result that emerged from the workshops is our Values Book, which contains a selection of measures that are overarching and fundamental for us.
    • In addition, we jointly developed value posters that are specifically tailored to individuals or departments and contain very specific measures that address the respective individuals.

    Your feedback – our will to optimize

    Five values as the basis for our work – what do those values mean for you when you work with RENOLIT as your strategic partner?

    • Innovative for example in this context means being open to new things and reacting in an agile and flexible manner.
    • Sustainability is a value which declares that we understand that our industry must rise to the challenges of this topic: We want to offer you sustainable solutions so you can even more succeed in your markets.
    • Quality – some would say this is not a new value for RENOLIT – is an attitude in the value-context. It is not just about our products, it goes for the best quality in all our processes and operations.
    • Cooperative means fruitful and long-term relationships: We want to meet your expectations with flexibility and agility, and we make your problems our responsibility.
    • Reliability is the key to build better relationships. It means that we stand by your side as a reliable partner, we see it as the core of our DNA.

    Deepen dialog and create transparency

    These videos are our first steps to getting in closer contact with you! In our fourth video Laura Schied underlines that our main purpose is to deepen our dialog with you. We believe that steady communication in partnership makes all the difference. We will establish:

    • This part of our website, where you will find all the activities and news about RENOLIT Visual Communications in a collected form.
    • Linkedin Ambassadors, like Laura Schied, who will inform you about the latest developments and news.
    • An information letter that will regularly communicate this news for you.
    • Overall: In the future, we will use various channels and ways to enter into a value-creating dialog with you.

    Let’s keep this conversation going!

    Our belief is that by hearing your ideas and showing you what we are currently working on is the best path towards true innovation.

    So, feel free to contact us and tell us which topics captivate you or which content you are missing. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

    Write us your ideas, feedback and wishes!

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