Strategy ONE RENOLIT 2025

    The strategy core messages

    What goals are we pursuing with our strategy? This question can be answered with five core messages. The slogan ONE RENOLIT. ONE VISION. brings together the key contents of our strategy ONE RENOLIT 2025. Short, concise and easy to remember, the following core messages sum up what we want to achieve together by 2025.

    One RENOLIT. One focus.
    Together we aim for customer centricity.

    More than ever, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We have organised our business into specific market units to meet their individual expectations, needs and wishes.

    This structure enables us to serve the global markets in an even more targeted way, and, in addition to our core business, helps us exploit further growth opportunities in a more responsive and innovative manner. In doing so, we consistently pursue our goal of making a significant contribution to the ongoing success of our customers.

    Thanks to our team spirit and flexibility, we embrace every challenge and continually find new ways of improving our products and services. Whatever we do, we reliably support our customers - in line with our brand promise: "Rely on it."

    One RENOLIT. One direction.
    Together we generate profitable growth.

    Profitability and growth go hand in hand. On the one hand, our profitability provides the investment that finances future growth, whilst ensuring long-term job security on the other. This allows us to expand and align our global presence with that of our customers, as well as to develop new technologies, fields of application and efficiency improvements, so that we are better positioned to absorb general cost increases.

    We already feature among the top three market leaders in our key sectors of construction, housing and living, healthcare and visual communication, and will continue to do so in the future.

    Profitable growth will ensure the long-term and successful future for the company. We can all contribute to this on a daily basis, by supporting our continuous improvement measures and working in a cost-conscious manner.

    One RENOLIT. One drive.
    Together we develop pioneering innovations.

    We set trends and establish benchmarks with our products and services. We also invest in new manufacturing technologies, product development, digitalisation and the use of sustainable raw materials, so that we meet the high expectations of our customers.

    By 2025 we aim to generate a significant proportion of our total turnover from new products and services. To make this possible, we promote an open culture of innovation that enables employees to contribute their ideas in a various ways.

    We drive innovation by developing future-proof products and new business models in which sustainability is a key factor. Our mission statement sums up our ambition: "We deliver sustainable and innovative polymer solutions.

    One RENOLIT. One world.
    Together we make sustainability come alive.

    As a polymer processing company, we bear a particular responsibility towards the environment, society and our employees. Natural resources are limited, which is why we must always use them sparingly and with respect - a belief that we share with our customers.

    With ongoing optimisation of our processes, as well as using energy and raw materials sustainably and efficiently, we make an important contribution to climate and environmental protection.

    To minimise our ecological footprint, we particularly adhere on the principle of circular economy. We are committed to the reduction and avoidance of material waste and the promotion of internally closed material cycles at all our sites worldwide. Our aim is that by 2025, all plastic residues will be recycled in-house and that none are sent to third parties.

    One RENOLIT. One team.
    Together we work successfully hand in hand.

    Our aim is that our employees enjoy working at RENOLIT and are able to apply their individual skills in diverse teams. We support our employees’ willingness to take on entrepreneurial responsibility and invest in their further development. At the same time, a trusting and cooperative working atmosphere is important to us, in which mutual respect is evidenced in our daily work.

    For us, an attractive working environment also involves modern working practices and the highest standards of occupational health and safety. Just as we act as a family business for our customers, we do the same for our employees, in a lasting, reliable and responsible manner, since performance and motivation form the bedrock for our mutual prosperity.