Rethink Sustainability

    RENOLIT. Rethink Sustainability

    We deliver sustainable and innovative polymer solutions: This is our mission statement and constant guideline for our actions. As a global company, sustainability is a core component of our thoughts and actions. Our focus is on conserving resources, reducing emissions and preventing pollution from plastics. In doing so, our goal is to promote both the circular economy and sustainable innovations.

    Sustainability is not a trend at our company, it's our "license to operate".

    RENOLIT sees itself in the responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future. To this end, we are prepared to constantly put ourselves to test, to change and to invest in new solutions.

    We are proud to do our part and continue to drive innovation in this area.



    For us, sustainability means: RETHINKING. Sustainable action is not a trend, but our "licence to operate". It is a topic on which we are continuously working, with which we are always developing and growing. Sustainability means: staying with it, being open, thinking ahead.

    Circular Plastics Alliance

    RENOLIT has submitted a voluntary commitment to the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) to make its contribution to achieving the CPA targets. By 2025, the company aims to recycle and reuse 100% of the recyclables within the group. Another goal is to use sustainable plastic parts in packaging, with at least 50% recycled material.

    With 266 affiliated associations and companies, the CPA intends to recycle 10 million tons of recycled plastic into new products and packaging by 2025.


    We save resources by using efficient technologies and processes.

    Our focus is on:

    • the promotion of the circular economy
    • optimizing the use of materials
    • the avoidance of waste


    We reduce climate-damaging emissions to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world.

    To achieve our goal, we are pursuing the following approaches:

    • Significantly reduce CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2).
    • Energy management systems for transparency of energy consumption.

    In 2021, we were already able to reduce our CO2 emissions by 25% compared to the base year 2010. We are committed to further minimisation and are currently working on setting our medium- and long-term targets. 


    We prevent plastics from entering the environment in an uncontrolled manner by implementing sustainable business practices.

    In doing so, we focus on four approaches:

    1. implementation and monitoring of regulatory requirements and limits
    2. (Re-)certification of recognized standards such as ISO 14001 or EMAS
    3. internal environmental reports based on the environmental standards
    4. internal audits by the internal auditors


    100 % of the recyclables will be reused internally and incorporated into new or existing products.

    50 % recycled or renewable raw materials will be included in our plastic packaging.

    10 Customer projects for taking back recyclable materials will be integrated into the RENOLIT material cycle.

    16.7 kt of recyclables from production we want to recycle internally by 2025.

    100% recyclable or reusable plastic materials will be used in packaging.

    Carbon footprint & norms

    Our contribution to the Carbon Footprint is to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs, as well as to ensure safe benchmarks for more efficient use of energy and resources. For this purpose, we invest in sustainable technologies to make our processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

    Through a broad supplier and business partner network at our production sites, we support the local economy and keep transport emissions as low as possible.

    - 5.9% energy consumption in 2022

    Reduction in energy consumption per kilogram of ready-to-sell film produced.

    - 25,2% COemissions in 2022
    Reduction of CO2 emissions in the Group compared to 2010.

    19,3% Recycled material

    is already regularly used in production in Sant Celoni.

    ISO 18000
    Health and Safety Management

    ISO 14001
    Environmental management

    ISO 50000

    Energy management



    For us, sustainability means: ACTING CIRCULARLY. With our "RENOLIT Goes Circular" initiative, we are doing just that. We are certain that the circular economy is a big step in the right direction. Our resources are precious. That's why we are conserving them with a holistic RE:CYCLE approach: by consistently recycling internal recyclables into our products and our commitments to the Circular Plastics Alliance.

    Circular economy

    Today, global economic systems mostly operate according to linear economic cycles. These are characterized by the principle of "take, make and dispose". However, due to the limited resources of our planet, actions have to be adapted.

    RENOLIT optimizes its processes through circular economy, a strategy based on avoiding waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems.

    For more information about the principle of circular economy, click here.


    To protect our resources and our environment, RENOLIT focuses on circular economy. The initiative "RENOLIT Goes Circular" summarizes the goals and measures of sustainable action. In this context, RENOLIT Goes Circular acts as a competence center for recycling and reprocessing of recyclables within the RENOLIT Group. By finding and providing suitable technologies and recycling solutions, RGC ensures that all current and future products remain marketable and meet the constantly growing environmental requirements. 



    For us, sustainability means: REINVENT. This is also reflected in our products. We already offer a range of plastic products with a high recycled content - but that's not the end of the story. We are working tirelessly on new ways to produce our films and plastic products in an even more resource-efficient way.

    Footprint of our products

    For RENOLIT, energy efficiency and the avoidance of emissions are highly relevant. Thus, we would like to make our contribution to climate protection by reducing our CO2 emissions. In order to be able to design the reduction in a targeted and efficient manner, it is necessary to know the carbon footprint of our products.

    We are currently building the necessary calculation models and compiling process data. The long-term goal is to map all business areas with one model and use it to calculate the CO2 footprints of our products.

    Sustainable products

    Renew & Refine

    Our films and plastic products renew and refine other products.


    Our plastic products protect other products and extend their life.


    Our films and plastic products are designed to repair other products.