Reference Boxberg

    RENOLIT BENDIT connects

    When a terrace roof is to become a conservatory, a supporting pillar can sometimes be in the way. This is what happened in a private construction project in Königheim, Baden-Württemberg. The window construction company Schenk Fenstersysteme GmbH & Co. KG from Boxberg had installed a lift-and-slide door element and a large-area window element in the frames of the supporting structure. Although both elements were laminated in the identical Golden Oak decor, a wooden pillar with a static function as well as different alignments prevented a consistent appearance.


    The company finally found a solution with the RENOLIT BENDIT cladding panel, which is available in the identical decor. The basis for the product is an aluminum composite panel, the back of which only has to be milled at the desired bend point, so that any desired leg dimension is feasible. In addition, the fabricator can adjust the two legs precisely to any required angle up to 90°. The cladding panel is laminated with a coating film specially created for this application, which can withstand this deformation without any signs of white cracking.



    Creative and easy to maintain

    At Schenk Fenstersysteme, the solution, which was as innovative as it was constructively simple, met with unanimous approval, especially since Rainer Langner, the sales and project manager responsible for RENOLIT BENDIT, had offered joint fabrication and installation for this pilot project. "With RENOLIT BENDIT, we were not only able to create a decorative connection between the window and door elements, but also to optically compensate for the offset in the front," reports Jerome Krieck, Managing Director at Schenk Fenstersysteme. The installation on site was carried out according to the modular principle and therefore with little effort, because RENOLIT has configured the fastening system specifically according to the conditions in the window construction as well as the cladding panel.

    In addition to the strengths in processing, there is an additional advantage for the building owner in the low maintenance: As with all RENOLIT EXOFOL foils, water or an unconcentrated washing-up liquid and a soft sponge or cloth are sufficient for cleaning the cladding element.