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    RENOLIT Sustainability Report and Magazine 2019 published

    Worms, July 24th, 2020 – For RENOLIT, sustainable business means driving innovation while maintaining the values of our family business. The 2019 Sustainability Report, entitled "tradition reimagined", sets out the issues we are actively addressing in the area of sustainability, what we have already achieved and the challenges we face in the future.

    Following the positive response last year, we are once again offering two reporting documents: the RENOLIT Sustainability Report 2019 and the new Sustainability Magazine 2019. In this way, we want to reach our internal and external target groups in the best possible way and inform them about the topic of sustainability.

    The comprehensive Sustainability Report includes a factual and professional preparation of essential data and facts. The 63-page report primarily serves as a source of information for experts, professional users and customers.
    The Sustainability Magazine informs employees and interested readers on 16 pages about special projects and key figures. 

    The German and English versions of both report documents are now available online. As of August 2020, the sustainability magazine will also be available in French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese. 

    You can find the Sustainability Report and the accompanying Magazine on our website.