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    RENOLIT new premium partner of Rewindo GmbH

    January 5th, 2021 – Since January 1st, 2021 RENOLIT SE has been a premium partner of Rewindo GmbH Fenster-Recycling-Service.   

    Rewindo is a recycling initiative of German plastic profile manufacturers for removed windows, shutters and doors made of plastic. Established in 2016, the partner network aims to contribute to achieving the recycling targets of the European plastics industry's sustainability program. 

    "We decided to join Rewindo's premium partner network because we are convinced of the quality and effectiveness of PVC end-of-life window recycling and want to contribute to resource conservation, CO2 reduction and sustainability", said Sven Behrendt, Executive Board Member of RENOLIT SE.

    Here you can find more information and the (German) press release of Rewindo GmbH. 

    Sven Behrendt (Executive Board Member of RENOLIT SE) and Stefan Friedrich (General Manager of the RENOLIT Market Unit Exterior Solutions) (from left to right)