Concrete Reservoirs for drinking water

    Concrete reservoirs for drinking water


    Concrete structures are the most commonly used system to store drinking water -or other key liquids- in a reliable manner and away from the environmental influences. However, concrete is not perfect and can suffer in permanent contact with water: humidity and oxygen can lead to corrosion of the internal steel reinforcement, acidic water can attack its surface, water circulation can create erosion… For all these reasons, and to ensure the watertightness, the use of internal lining in concrete reservoirs is always recommended.

    On top of that, concrete is a rigid material and hence it always cracks. Cracks might be caused by hydraulic shrinkage, structural defects or differential settlements, so the lining system must be flexible enough to bridge those cracks. Loose laid systems perform almost independently from the substrate and therefore they are always the best solution to deliver watertight linings over cracked concrete without costly surface repairs, no matter the state of the underlying concrete. Thanks to its flexibility and mechanical performance, PVC membranes are easy to install and maintain, even in the most complex geometries.

    Water for human consumption is subjected to strict sanitary regulations, and only properly tested and certified products can be used in direct contact with it. The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN range includes products certified to the most relevant drinking water compatibility standards such as:

    • ACS in France
    • RD 140/2003 in Spain
    • DM 174/04 in Italy
    • AS4020 in Australia

    Get in touch with us to know more about available certificates in your country!


    Typical uses of concrete reservoirs:

    • Municipal drinking water supply reservoirs
    • Rain water storage for irrigation, cleaning or other uses
    • Storage of drinking water for industrial processes
    • Drinking water and firefighting water deposits in hotels and resorts

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