Market Unit Composites

    Composites is the competence center of RENOLIT for the production of thermoformable sheets and panels.
    The Market Unit produces plastic composites in the form of rolls, sheets and honeycomb panels with divers polymeric, natural and mineral raw materials for the manufacture of, for example, automotive interior trim parts, building formworks and other customer-specific solutions where light weight, formability, mechanical performance and recyclability are key parameters.
    Furthermore our products are used for applications in the construction industries as well as other industrial areas.



    Our products are 100% recyclable.

    We offer our customers the possibility of taking back discarded thermoformed
    trim, which result from the processing of our products. This scrap material can
     be granulated and re-introduced into the extrusion process.

    Extrusion -> Thermoforming -> Recycling

    The scrap milling can be implemented close to the thermoforming process line. We are available to cooperate to install a milling machine close to the line to make the regrind material to be collected in big bags and shipped to our company.

    Process optimization

    Thanks to our more than forty years experience, RENOLIT engineers define the right process parameters together with the customer minimizing scrap and increasing the efficiency of the production. Upon request, all the optimization actions can be performed at the customer manufacturing site.

    Mold supplier support

    Composites cooperates with the best mold suppliers to reach the right mold definition. For the tooling design and manufacturing for our classic WPC sheet RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK we worked with all the main mold suppliers in the sector.

    Mold testing area

    In our plant in Buriasco (Italy) we have the possibility to define the mold and/or test a prototype using a manual production line with an infrared oven and a press. By the use of a prototype tool made out of wood, we can offer a very fast and economical production of prototypes.

    Further processing support

    We work with other industry specialists to develop a total package for you.

    Thermoforming Advantages

    One-step process

    High formability

    Can join different covering materials

    Glue free

    Different type of cutting

    Can obtain very deep drawn shapes

    Dimensional stability of the finished part

    Inserts made of various materials

    Fast Cycle

    Simple tooling

    100% recyable

    The Locations of Composites

    Automotive Automotive

    Lightness and recyclability combined with outstanding technical
    characteristics make our Polypropylene composites the material of
    choice in the automotive industry.



    Our sheets have been designed to obtain the best performance in the building industry.
    We developed a special sheet for formworks applications. Even though we offer a
    wide range of sheets for diverse building applications.



    With its outstanding properties our versatile RENOLIT GORCELL panels impress in every area.



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