Our Strategy

    The strategy for us and for you – our partners

    Embedded within our organizational DNA is the commitment to put you as valued partners at the core of everything we do. This dedication forms the cornerstone of our strategy, which is not only the blueprint for internal operation, but also the guide towards long-lasting partnership and success. To foster transparency as we embark on this journey, we are delighted to show you further insights into our strategy.

    The strategy comprises four pillars: Partnership, Growth, Innovation, and Sustainability. Discover more about these pillars in the videos below featuring Ralph Gut, the General Manager at Visual Communication, Strategic Market Unit of RENOLIT, along with the colleagues from our headquarters and international locations.

    Shared Vision, Shared Success – Explore Our Strategy and How We Implement It

    “Success isn’t accomplished alone.”

    As we move forward, guided by our strategy for Partnership, Growth, Innovation and Sustainability, we believe in the profound impact of our collaborative journey. Together, we are shaping the future of the industry.

    Partnership - Your Needs Are Our Priority

    We believe that trust and commitment are fundamental to sustain any relationship.

    As a market leader, we are dedicated to serve as your guide in this dynamic industry.

    Through ongoing efforts to stay agile and deepen our understanding of the market, we aim to develop innovative products to meet your needs and provide assurance of our reliability.

    We believe that reliability is the key to building strong & successful relationships – based on fairness, respect & trust. Day by day, we live by these principles – you can rely on it.

    Growth – Together We Generate Sustainable Profit

    Our driving force is the collaborative growth that we achieve together with you.

    We constantly allocate resources to innovate and invest in new technologies which further enhance our products and services, such as our latest 5-roll calender.

    Embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement, we create long-term values for you to thrive and grow profitably in this competitive market.

    The advanced technology of our new 5-roll calender sets the benchmark in the industry and brings this line to its maximum potential, leading to higher and more efficient output rates.

    Innovation – We Offer Pioneering Solutions

    For us, innovation extends beyond producing new products.

    It is also about our ongoing investment in cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, digitalization in our processes and improvement in efficiency, so that we stay competitive.

    This approach helps us set the quality standards within the industry.

    Understanding the high expectations from the market, we strive to exceed the industry benchmark and maintain our leading position. 

    Our development team is working intensively on exciting new projects and products that are about to be launched on the market. Stay tuned so you'll be the first to know about our latest innovations.

    Sustainability - We Make Sustainability Come Alive

    Above all, we highly focus on taking measures to minimize our environmental impact.

    These include, for example, the internal recycling initiatives, promoting the use of sustainable raw materials, developing sustainable products and re-processing customer waste.

    By following the principles of circular economy to reduce carbon footprint, we foster our own and your business success, with one overarching goal in mind - leaving a sustainable planet for the future generation.

    We are currently developing a concept to take back customer waste.  Additionally, we´re committed to offering recycled film products to further support sustainability efforts.

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