RENOLIT EXOFOL профессиональный карандаш

    The perfect tool for a perfect finish.

    Please note! The RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Corner Pen can be delivered only to countries where a safety data sheet is available (see below under "Safety Data Sheets").

    RENOLIT offers you a further tool to assist work and produce accomplished results - the RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Corner Pen. Perfectly colour-matched to our products, it achieves a faultless vanishing act for mitre welds and minor flaws, producing seamlessly immaculate results. Choose the professional amongst corner pens and marvel at what it can do.


    Наш профессиональный карандаш. Ваш помощник в:

    • абсолютное совпадение цвета
    • бесшовные соединения
    • идеальный результат

    Это составляющие безупречного цвета профиля в целом.


    Ideal for RENOLIT EXOFOL products.

    RENOLIT customers can order the RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Corner Pen directly from our new online shop.

    The Corner Pen is available for all current colours.



    Download iconFlyer RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Corner Pen
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    250 кБ

    Application instructions

    Download iconRENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Corner Pen Application instructions
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    487 кБ

    Техническая документация

    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_GB.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    220 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_D.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    241 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_BG.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    434 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_E.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    228 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_F.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    390 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_I.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    310 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_JP.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    401 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_NL.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    224 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_PL.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    402 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_RU.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    411 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_TR.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    390 кБ
    Download iconSafety_data_sheet_RENOLIT_EXOFOL_Professional_Corner_Pen_RO.pdf
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    491 кБ

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