Parking Decks

    In congested urban areas developers try to maximize the usable surface of their buildings and it is common to profit also from the spaces above them. In the past, this was often done to create extra parking places on roofs, and the system was commonly known as parking decks. Nowadays this denomination is extrapolated and applied to all sort of roofs with other intensive human activities like terraces, restaurants, intensive garden, sport facilities, children playgrounds, ornamental pools, etc.

    To support those human activities, concrete roofs with sufficient structural capacity are required, along with reliable waterproofing systems -repairs become very complex once the roof is in use. Geomembranes are installed on top of the structural concrete deck and covered with a protective concrete layer, with the possibility to include systems to detect and repair potential leaks. The installation is very easy, even in details like corners or roof penetrations, unaffected by weather conditions and do not require open flames for seaming.

    For this application RENOLIT offers durable membranes, able to accommodate thermal expansions on the roof, protected against growth of roots and self-extinguishing in case of fire.

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