Karsten Jänicke

    Karsten Jänicke
    Member of the Executive Board 

    Karsten Jänicke was born in 1968 in Kamen in North Rhine-Westphalia. After graduating in 1994 with a degree in economics and social sciences, specialising in controlling, marketing and logistics, from the Technical University of Dortmund, he worked as a quality manager and outsourcing project manager at Thyssen Haniel Logistic in Barcelona. In 2001, he became Managing Director of the Spanish paper printer Lamigraf GmbH in Bönen until he moved to RENOLIT in Worms in 2008. There he was the business unit manager of the former BU RENOLIT DESIGN until 2019, when he was appointed to the Executive Board. Karsten Jänicke is now the responsible member of the Management Board for the strategic market units Interior Surfaces, Roof & Water Care and Pool  as well as for several Corporate Units.

    Karsten Jänicke has been an honorary member of VinylPlus since October 2023. He is a Board Member of the Vinyl Foundation and a member of the VinylPlus Steering Board.

    Karsten Jänicke is married and has two sons. He enjoys sports such as running, football, table tennis, padel tennis and squash. Besides he loves travelling, reading and going to the cinema from time to time.

    Short and simple:

    • At RENOLIT since 2008
    • Member of the Executive Board since 2019

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    Karsten Jänicke


    Leadership has to provide security

    Managers have the task of leading their employees to success. This depends on many factors. One of the most important is security. I notice over and over again that young people at the start of their career in particular don't have the confidence to contribute their ideas and take risks. That's why I keep asking myself: what can I do as a manager to give my employees more security?

    Karsten Jänicke


    Promoting young talents is an engine for the industry

    The success of German industry is based on the expertise of its many employees. The extreme shortage of skilled workers is consequently an unprecedented threat to the entire economy. Therefore, I am surprised that we in Germany place so little emphasis on promoting young talents. After all, it can act as an engine for industry. To achieve this, however, politics and business need to make more efforts together - instead of just relying on short-term solutions.

    Karsten Jänicke


    Gen-Z is placing new demands - Rightly so!

    Generation Z and the world of work - hardly anything has been discussed more in the area of work and careers in recent months. The debate ranges from sweeping accusations that Gen Z is work-shy to demands for completely new working conditions. One thing is clear: Gen Z is placing new demands. And I think: rightly so.

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