Spacious: The new Hive Parc in metallic silver

    RENOLIT REFACE foiling project in Ratingen 

    A shiny appearance: The "Hive Parc" building in Ratingen, Germany, is a successful example of the effect that the redesign of a facade with RENOLIT film can have. In this case, a metallic silver one. The aging office building from the 1980s was to receive a new facade after a change of tenants. The client commissioned the architectural firm EHRICHarchitekten from Düsseldorf with the implementation. This decided to use the facade film RENOLIT REFACE for the redesign of the sheet metal cassettes. "The choice fell on the color tone Alusilber Metallic", tells the responsible architect Helene van gen Hassend. "Through the film, the redesign is hardly noticeable, as the surface is extremely homogeneous. This effect could not have been created by painting on site," explains the architect. The innovative multilayer film has been specially developed for coating metal facades, HPL panels and aluminum cassettes. It can be used to realize a fast, cost-effective and durable facade renovation - a criterion that was also important for van gen Hassend: "With relatively little effort, we were able to achieve a very uniform and attractive design."

    The "Hive Parc" refurbishment project started at the end of November 2020 and was completed in July 2021. The company Ude FolierungsKonzepte - a professional in the finishing and revitalization of existing buildings with premium coating material - was entrusted with the implementation of the extensive project. After all, around 2,500 square meters of foil had to be applied. Fortunately, the work could take place without dismantling the facade. "Before bonding, the facade elements were first sanded down to remove traces of weathering as well as unevenness," explains Jochen Asbeck, project manager at Ude. After the façade surfaces had been professionally cleaned, the Ude film specialists applied primer to ensure optimum adhesion of the film. Meanwhile, the nature of the cassettes in particular made the job a challenging one for the filming team: "The cassettes each had three surfaces with different angles, making the clean filming of the inner and outer edges much more complex," recalls Asbeck. Thanks to many years of experience, however, the implementation was no problem for Ude's adhesive team.


    RENOLIT REFACE consists of three thin layers: a vinyl base film, a PMMA layer and a final PVDF layer. The specific structure makes it robust to UV radiation, durable and easy to clean. "The film is very strong and resistant, yet it is possible to foil smaller areas and details, such as the guide rails and drop bars of the external venetian blinds," says van gen Hassend, praising the material. Provided that the film is applied by RENOLIT-certified applicators, there is a guarantee of color retention and adhesion to the facade. In the case of the "Hive Parcs", RENOLIT has issued a guarantee certificate for ten years.