RENOLIT  Healthcare offers polyolefin and PVC compounds suitable for a broad range of medical applications.

    RENOLIT  Granuflex PE, EVA, and PP based formulations are available from flexible to semi-rigid compounds which are suitable for injection molding or tubing extrusion, and compatible with various sterilization methods.

    Furthermore, RENOLIT Medigranuul PVC-based compounds are made using different plasticizers such as DEHP, DEHT, TEHTM, Citrate and DINCH.

    Different formulations are available in a broad range of hardness and compatibility with gamma, e-beam, steam or EtO sterilization.

    RENOLIT Medigranuul compounds achieve high yields in injection molding and tubing extrusion processing.

    The medical-oriented compounding process used to produce RENOLIT Medigranuul PVC compounds enable excellent customer manufacturing yields while maintaining the biocompatibility and regulatory requirements of medical formulations.

    RENOLIT Granuflex and Medigranuul compounds are designed to be used 


    in combination with RENOLIT films and tubing, providing the best compatibility for a disposable medical system.

    RENOLIT Granuflex and Medigranuul materials are designed with the most up to date industry requirements such as: Animal derived component-free (ADCF), BPA-free, absence of slip agent, lubricants and other substances of high concern; and in conformance with relevant ISO 10993, USP, Ph. EUR chapters and in compliance with applicable regulations REACH, 21CFR, RoHs, among others.

    We also develop custom formulations to create compounds that are tailored to specific customer needs.

    Finally, RENOLIT Healthcare offers a global backup option for certain Granuflex and Medigranuul formulations available for production in multi-continental facilities.

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