RENOLIT 2D R-PET Laminates

Introducing our RENOLIT 2D R-PET Laminate containing recycled material. The product boasts an exceptional level of durability and strength and at the same time contains recyclates*. This means that by choosing our RENOLIT 2D R-PET Laminate, you are getting a top-quality product and thereby actively contributing to a greener environment.

Our RENOLIT 2D R-PET Laminate is an environmentally friendly option and offers a superior level of properties - making it perfect for a range of applications in the furniture and caravan industry. Whether you are looking to create furniture that will stand the test of time or seeking a sustainable option for your design projects, our RENOLIT 2D R-PET Laminate is the perfect solution.

*detailed information on request


RENOLIT 2D R-PET Laminate convinces with the following properties:

Scratch resistance

Chemical resistance

Stain resistant

Stain reistance

Easy to clean


Surface stability

RENOLIT 2D R-PET Laminate           
Applications: Furniture, kitchens, doors, caravan, shop and commercial property
Availability: from Q3/ 2023, MTO
Material: R-PET (PET with recyclates)
Processing type: 2D flat lamination, 2D post-forming
Properties: scratch resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, easy to clean, anti-fingerprint, surface stability
Surface: MDF, chipboard (wooden composite)
Appearance: plain colours with Premier Matt effects
Roll length: TBD
Delivery: TBD