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    June 25th, 2019 – "Together for tomorrow" – this is the title under which RENOLITrecently published its new sustainability report for the 2018 financial year. In almost 70 pages, the progress made in the area of sustainability and how RENOLIT lives its responsibility are reported transparently. The report was again published in accordance with the internationally recognized standard of the Global Reporting Initiative and externally audited in accordance with the "Materiality Disclosure Services".

    In addition to the comprehensive document, a compact version in the form of a sustainability magazine has also been published as of this year. Selected key figures and highlight projects guide the reader through the core topics of RENOLITand thus make sustainability tangible for everyone.

    The comprehensive Sustainability Report and the Sustainability Magazine 2018 are now available at:

    The Company

    The RENOLIT Group is a globally-active specialist for high-quality plastic films, sheets and other plastic products. With more than thirty locations in over twenty countries, and with annual sales of EUR 1.031 billion in fiscal year 2018, the company with headquarters Worms – nearly fifty km northwest of Heidelberg – is one of the world’s leading plastics product manufacturers. Over 4,700 employees continue to further develop the knowledge and expertise gained from over seventy years of Business. ꟾ Twitter ꟾ Facebook ꟾ LinkedIn

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