The biotechnology sector is one of the application areas where continuous and frequent developments result in increasing material and supplier requirements.

    In this field, RENOLIT Healthcare is one of the leading suppliers of materials for the broad range of single use applications such as media bags, upstream and downstream intermediate product and sample bags, cell culture bioreactors, cold storage and cell and gene therapy.

    The RENOLIT INFUFLEX, RENOLIT TUBEFLEX and RENOLIT GRANUFLEX PE based products offer the biotechnology industry a reliable platform for disposable products.

    Extensive extractables studies have been completed confirming the ultra-low extactables and leachables level of these products.

    High oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor barrier properties are incorporated in the RENOLIT INFUFLEX multilayer films.

    In a width up to 1.4 meters, these films are suitable for 2D and 3D bag design. In addition, RENOLIT INFUFLEX barrier films exhibit unprecedented high clarity.

    Furthermore, we are able to follow essential industry requirements with respect to security of supply, change management, cleanliness and quality management systems.



    RENOLIT is known for its long history in the single-use industry, remains active in conferences and single-use bioprocessing groups such as BPSA and follows industry guidelines as applicable.

    RENOLIT Healthcare supplies special barrier materials for the storage of cell culture media. Infuflex multilayer flat films are available for small and larger bag sizes.

    Special EVA and polyolefin films are available for stem cell storage and cell and gene therapy applications.

    These specially developed materials combine very high oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates with excellent cryogenic storage properties down to -196˚C.

    Cleanroom extruded PVC films, tubing and compounds are available for blood collection, processing and transfer sets used in cell and gene therapy applications.


    Unique selling points

    First choice in materials for biotechnology single use systems

    • Low extractables following BPOG protocol
    • Control of supply chain
    • Multi-continent back-up option
    • BPSA member and sponsor for more than 10 years

    Our product folio

    • RENOLIT 8300
    • RENOLIT BF1400
    • RENOLIT 9101
    • RENOLIT 1400

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