Reference Osthues Coesfeld

    Reference project in Coesfeld

    The single-family house in Coesfeld has a window band with blind element and a corner window. The aim here was to clad the blind element and the window corner in the same design as the window decor.

    With RENOLIT BENDIT, the claddings were able to create a uniform image as desired. 



    Wood-look blind element
    Corner cladding in Coefeld

    In order to make the rather large cladding appear more filigree, a construction with a horizontal decorative pattern and shadow gaps was chosen. The cladding elements were fixed invisibly by bonding to an aluminum substructure.

    In this way, RENOLIT BENDIT gives the window front the desired elegant appearance.



    Name of project: Single-family house, Coesfeld


    Facade: Cladding of the window area to match the window decor

    Surface area: ca. 10 qm





    Close-up view of RENOLIT BENDIT