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    Around the clock order service

    RENOLIT expands its digital customer communications

    Worms, June 15th, 2020 – RENOLIT’s Digital Customer Platform is a new service which offers transparent order tracking for business customers and a reduced reliance on conventional ordering procedures during office hours. 
    “Using the Digital Customer Platform, customers can access information about our products and services online and at any time,” elaborates project manager Judith Caro. 

    Amongst other things, the digital service includes technical information, product fact sheets and instructional videos. Order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and packing lists may be viewed on the Digital Customer Platform. Customers can also check stock levels of specific product configurations, in advance of placing future orders. This is also the case for special offers, for example products available in non-standard roll lengths and widths, which are offered at special prices.


    Expansion of RENOLIT Online Shop 

    The RENOLIT Online Shop is a separate module of the Digital Customer Platform. Customers can use the electronic ordering system to buy aftercare products for outdoor applications and book services such as repair training from the RENOLIT Film Service. Some of these familiar products include RENOLIT EXOFOL Repair Films, RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Corner Pen and RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner. 

    This ancilliary product range has been recently enhanced with the RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Masking Tape and the RENOLIT EXOFOL Detector, which enables immediate, on-site authentication of RENOLIT EXOFOL films on building objects. "The Detector works in a non-destructive manner by simply placing on the laminated profile," explains Dr. Dirk Heukelbach, Head of Research and Development at Exterior Solutions. The small, battery-operated device emits a light beam that stimulates a radiation-sensitive marker integrated in the film, enabling an LED indicator to display the proven film quality.

    The RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Masking Tape has been developed with RENOLIT EXOFOL films in mind, in that its adhesive layer neither damages the film surface nor leaves behind residues on removal. It is also thicker than other masking tapes on the market, which enables reliable adhesion to deeply embossed surfaces and enhanced durability when peeling off dried-on paint and plaster residues.


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    The company

    The RENOLIT Group is a globally-active specialist for high-quality plastic films, sheets and other plastic products. With more than thirty locations in over twenty countries, and with annual sales of EUR 1,031 billion in fiscal year 2018, the company with headquarters in Worms – nearly fifty km north-west of Heidelberg – is one of the world’s leading plastics product manufac-turers. Over 4,700 employees continue to further develop the knowledge and expertise gained from over seventy years of business.

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