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    Like matt lacquered wood.

    Touching a velvety surface awakens symphonies. If a deep, moving wood emboss is added, it is practically indistinguishable from real wood - neither optically nor haptically.

    RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt is based on the plasticizer-free PVC film RENOLIT EXOFOL PX and has an additional PVDF layer. It improves surface protection and increases the film's resistance to dirt and chemicals, and even graffiti can be easily removed. The well-known Solar Shield Technology (SST) uses IR-reflecting colour pigments to reduce the temperature differences between the outer and inner profile surfaces.

    RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt is available with the woodgrain Honey Oak, Ginger Oak, Pepper Oak and Weissbach Eiche. Their authentic drawings form a harmonious unit with the strongly varying grain of the wood structure. With a subtle sheen from the embossing valleys, the surface resembles naturally grown, matt lacquered oak.

    The RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX film structure

    The base film of RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX consists of a PVC formulation without plasticizer and has a primer layer on the reverse side. Like all RENOLIT EXOFOL films, the film can thus be processed on one machine with the same adhesive.

    A transparent top layer of polyacrylate protects both the printing ink and the base film with highly efficient UV absorbers.

    The additional PVDF layer of RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX is already known from the top product RENOLIT EXOFOL FX. This fluoroplastic behaves similarly to a Teflon coating on frying pans and at the same time enables the pronounced matt surface structure.


    Film structure

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    Technical information sheets

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