RENOLIT New Production Line Inauguration

    August 30th 2023

    Leading the Way: RENOLIT Inaugurates the New Production Line for Enhanced Production Capacity and Quality

    American RENOLIT Corporation celebrated the launch of the new production (calender) line at La Porte with RENOLIT leaders, employees and key state and city officials.

    Guided by the commitment to partners and growth, RENOLIT invested strategically in this calender line since 2018, overcoming challenges to make it fully operational by 2023.

    The cutting-edge 5-roll-calender technology enhances product quality and process efficiency, elevating output rates significantly while minimizing waste.

    On August 29th, the celebration of the new production line for calendered PVC films took place at American RENOLIT Corporation in La Porte. The inauguration ceremony saw the presence of the RENOLIT Executive Board – Mr. Michael Kundel and over 40 dedicated employees. It was also a pleasure to welcome the City Mayor of La Porte – Mr. Tom Dermody, the City Council Members, along with the Indiana State Representative – Mr. Jim Pressel.


    “Driven by the commitment to serve and support our partners in the North American market, maintain market position as well as increase market share, RENOLIT made the strategic decision to invest in the additional calender line. This enables us to meet the growing demand in this market through the delivery of premium quality films.”, said Ralph Gut – General Manager of the Strategic Market Unit Visual Communication. The groundwork started at the end of 2018 with the installation of the new foundation within the existing facility. Despite the challenges occurred due to the pandemic and the supplier shortage of a key component, RENOLIT successfully managed to bring the new calender line into full operation with professionally trained personnel in 2023!

    State-of-the-art features of the new calendar line

    The advanced technology of the 5-roll-calender brings this line to its maximum potential, enhancing both the quality of the end product and the efficiency of the overall process. This leads to higher output rates, with a substantial increase of approximately 30% in production speed for white and transparent films compared to the four existing calenders. The introduction of a new winder, free from indexing meters, reflects our dedication to minimizing waste during the indexing process.


    Nils Dietz, President of American RENOLIT Corporation in La Porte, expressed his pride in this strategic achievement, stating, "The new calender line has the potential to yield an additional 6,500 tons of product, equating to around 22,000 tons annually at the La Porte site, depending on the product mix. Thanks to the exceptional collaboration and teamwork, we successfully executed this strategic decision to maintain our leadership position on the market."