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    Light, resistant... and aesthetic roofing and gutter systems

    For 30 years we have been manufacturing aesthetic, light and resistant roofing and gutter systems.

    Thanks to Polimglass®, a patented thermoplastic material and the new compounds derived from it, our roofing sheets guarantee exceptional performance in terms of durability, resistance and flexibility.

    We were the first to manufacture roofing sheets with a co-extrusion process. This patented process allows three different materials to be extruded. The result is a sheet composed of three layers, each with specific characteristics that increase the technical performance of the finished product.

    And still today, after more than 30 years of continuous improvements, we are proud to manufacture the best roofing and rainwater collection and evacuation systems in thermoplastic material.

    RENOLIT Tecno Imac is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.



    Co-extrusion: the manufacturing process that makes our sheets unique.

    Co-extrusion is a manufacturing process based on the transformation of different types of thermoplastic materials at the same time. The result is a single sheet that is extruded in various layers, each of which having the best features of the different initial materials.

    The RENOLIT Tecno Imac production lines consist of three extruders. In each one, the mixture of materials (resins, plasticisers, stabilisers, pigments etc.) are fed through hoppers into a cylindrical chamber where the mixture is heated and led with worm screws towards the co-extrusion flat head where each of the three layers converge to form a coarse sheet. It is then laminated in a calender and shaped through the die into the final profile.


    The classic elegance of the profiles of the different types of traditional roofing, the bright and natural colours as well as the surface finishes (such as mat and antique) give our sheets systems an unequalled aesthetic.


    In spite of their resistance our sheets are very light, from 4 to 6 kg per square meter. They are both easy to handle and to install.

    Simplicity and rapidity

    The overlapping of the sheets with the fixing accessories allows to make beautiful and resistant roofings in a very short time.

    UV resistance

    The particular composition of the various layers in our co-extruded products is such as to ensure a very high resistance to colour fading. There is a warranty!

    Mechanical resistance

    The constant updating of our chemical formulations has allowed us to create increasingly thinner roofing sheets with remarkable mechanical characteristics.

    Chemical resistance

    Our sheets can be used in the most difficult environments for industrial and agricultural buildings (resistance to aggressive chemicals and salt climates).


    Our products range

    Our roofing and gutter systems are available in three  ranges to fully satisfy any technical and economic requirements:


    Some of the finest exclusive finishes in our range


    Some of our roofs from around the world

    Some of our roofs from around the world
    Large and small, from the roof of an embassy or of a large hotel to that of a garden shed, we are proud to present our roofing products. 
    And if you have made a roofing with our products let us know , we will be happy to publish it!
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