Reference Magdeburg

    Reference project in Magdeburg

    The single-family house with a white plaster facade and white plastic windows is located in Magdeburg. In order to visually enhance the monotonous facade, cladding elements were to be applied to the window niches, which were oriented to the decor of the front door.

    With RENOLIT BENDIT, the facade was first visually broken up with seven side and intermediate claddings.   




    Garbage box enclosure

    The cladding elements were installed with invisible fastening by bonding to an aluminum substructure.

    Highly satisfied with the result, the client then realized a privacy wall, a trash can enclosure and the front door soffit cladding with RENOLIT BENDIT.




    Name of project: single-family house, Magdeburg


    Fassade: Thermal insulation composite system

    Surface area: 7 side and intermediate claddings, 1 screen wall, 1 trash can enclosure, front door soffit cladding






    Close-up view of RENOLIT BENDIT