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    On roofs where mechanical fastening is difficult (concrete structures) or even not possible, the waterproofing membrane can be adhered to the roof deck. No matter whether the structure is a wood, concrete or steel deck.

    This system is recommended in cases where the vapour control layer cannot be perforated, such as indoor swimming pools and buildings with a high interior humidity.  It is also advisable to adhere on e.g. refrigerated or cool buildings, as mechanical fasteners might cause thermal bridging problems and thus moisture-related damage.

    The adhered system can be applied on warm and inverted roof constructions, on new buildings and, in particular, on refurbishment projects. Thanks to its fleece backing, the membrane can be bonded directly on to an old bituminous membrane without any compatibility problem.

    The larger widths of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN A membrane require fewer seams, resulting in less installation time and a more continuous and less interrupted roof surface. The seams are hot air welded by either manual or automatic welding.

    Within the adhered membrane range you can also opt for the ecological fleece-backed RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT cool roof system.


    RENOLIT ALKORPLAN A + RENOLIT DUALFIX Universal adhesive (For insulation & roofing membrane)

    RENOLIT ALKORPLAN A + RENOLIT DUALFIX Universal adhesive (for roofing membrane)

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