"The changing face of single ply membrane"

    RENOLIT Roofing takes very seriously its role in providing Continuous Professional Development Seminars. The content is always authoritative and comprehensive and presented by people who have a depth of experience in the building and construction industry.

    “The Changing Face of Single Ply Membrane” explores a broad range of topics from installation and design through to aesthetics and green issues.

    Moreover the participant will be given an impression of how single ply waterproofing is evolving, how membrane can provide benefits over and above simply sealing the roof surface and how designers and architects may see the functionality of the product in a totally different light.

    The Seminar will include:

    • Manufacture
    • Installation
    • Detailing
    • Green Roofs
    • Refurbishment
    • Aesthetics
    • Photo Voltaics
    • Development
    • Innovation
    • Commitment to the environment

    "A certified green roof CPD by RENOLIT"

    Green Roof provide visual appeal and are an increasingly important part of the city landscape. They enhance and blend with the local environment. Their individual components and installation are critical to continued growth and long term waterproofing.

    This seminar provides an understanding of the benefits to be gained from green roofs and green roof options when waterproofing with single ply membrane. It covers the materials used, the importance of certified product, installation, detailing, outcome and maintenance.

    Issues covered include:

    • Why a green roof system ?
    • Industry guidelines
    • Environmental considerations
    • Green roof options
    • Considerations in choice of sedum
    • Components
    • Detailing and installation
    • Maintenance
    • Typical projects
    • Support
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