Original or copy. In seconds you will know.

    Please note! The RENOLIT EXOFOL Detector is now available in the following countries:

    Germany, France, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands; Italy

    RENOLIT customers can purchase the Detector directly from our new Online Shop.

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    Every RENOLIT EXOFOL film has its own physical fingerprint: the product marker.
    With the RENOLIT EXOFOL Detector it becomes visible.

    Simply hold the RENOLIT EXOFOL Detector against the profile. Within a few seconds you
    will know whether you are looking at a RENOLIT EXOFOL film.

    The identification is carried out completely non-destructively, even on installed components. Furthermore, the detector distinguishes between RENOLIT EXOFOL MX, RENOLIT EXOFOL PX and RENOLIT EXOFOL FX.

    The advantages for professionals:

    • Non-destructive identification of RENOLIT EXOFOL film grades
    • Easy handling
    • Safety at the push of a button e.g. in case of complaints
    • The marker does not change the material properties

    Provides certainty at all times.

    Make the most of these benefits - you'll find they're just the job for your daily work.

    RENOLIT customers can order the RENOLIT EXOFOL Detector directly from our new online shop.

    Click here to go to the online shop.



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