What does #TeamRENOLIT rely on?

    What does "Rely on it." mean for our employees?

    In the following videos our employess tell us what "Rely on it." means for them at RENOLIT and in general.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Tony from Swedesboro, United States?

    Tony relies on a very special helper every morning.

    These days, Tony Clark’s job has changed. He meets most of his contacts remotely, via digital tools.
    He is one of about 200 RENOLIT employees in the US and he works every day to bring his customers the optimal film and laminate solutions.
    That hasn’t changed – along with his passion for cooking and, of course, his son Lincoln.




    What does "Rely on it." mean for Galina from Moscow, Russia?

    Galina has been with us for more than ten years – so she knows that she can rely on RENOLIT.

    At RENOLIT Russia, Galina Filatova has worked with almost all of the 30 employees in the different departments of the branch. The accounting and HR specialist enjoys living in Moscow, a bustling city home to 12 million people and many international companies.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Jun from Guangzhou, China?

    Jun has sustainability on his mind – and that’s what he relies on at RENOLIT

    By reusing surplus and incorporating recycled materials, RENOLIT takes action for a sustainable development. As production supervisor, Jun is responsible for recycling, quality confirmation and warehousing in Guangzhou, where more than 340 employees work every day – and he loves watching the machinery use recycled materials. Another thing he loves and relies on: His family in Chongqing, whom he calls on a daily basis to make sure everyone is alright. 


    What does "Rely on it." mean for Patrizia from Padova, Italia?

    We loved Patrizias's answer – find out what she said in her video.

    In Padova, Italy, Patrizia is responsible for selling our exterior materials. She loves meeting new customers and building relationships – and she knows she can rely on our production. Outside of work, Patrizia likes Padova and the variety of the surrounding Veneto region with its oceans, lakes and mountains. There’s something for everybody! 


    What does "Rely on it." mean for Eva from Sant Celoni, Spain?

    We are flattered by Eva’s answer to that question. What her answer was? Find out in her video. 

    In Sant Celoni, about 50 kilometres from Barcelona, Eva has provided administrative support in the Maintenance, Accounting and Shipping departments, and she can now be found in Customer Service. Since 2001, she has got to know many RENOLIT employees – and she loves the bond between everyone in the company. 


    What does "Rely on it." mean for Sinem from Istanbul, Turkey?

    Sinem relies on the support of her managers.

    At our Istanbul location, Sinem Özay is the Sales Support Chief. She’s been with us since we started up the location in Turkey – so she knows her way around the processes of the company. For relaxation, she enjoys going trekking and spending time with her friends and family.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Ni from Guangzhou, China?

    As a production manager in our Guangzhou location, Ni knows he can rely on his colleagues on the production line – not only due to their professional skills, but also their dedication. 

    As one of 340 RENOLIT employees in Guangzhou, Ni is responsible for the production of decorative products as well as training his colleagues. Problem-solving on the production floor is his favourite activity while on the job. And while off the job? He relies on the steady development of the city of Guangzhou around him and always looks forward to his daily video calls with his son. 

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Linda from Riel, Netherlands?

    In Riel, Netherlands, a team of seven experts handles the sale of our innovative products – and Linda is responsible for customer service and finance.

    She strives to optimise processes in both sectors for the benefit of our customers. Dedicated to grow and learn every day, she relies on good times spent with her family and friends.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Emily from LaPorte, United States?

    In LaPorte, Indiana, Emily works in accounting of one of our locations in North America.

    The close teamwork with others is what makes the job special for her. In her personal life, she loves to take her dog on hikes or to the beach.. 

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Antonio from Rome, Italy?

    Antonio is a great optimist – so no wonder he gives us a great answer!

    He takes care of supply management and supplier relationships in our Rome location – and he really appreciates the personal relationships that form in the workplace. Improving these relationships with his team and suppliers does wonders not only for Antonio, but also for the company.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Gustavo from Villatuerta, Spain?

    Gustavo gives us a unique perspective from our lab in Villatuerta, Spain.

    As Development Manager in our laboratory, Gustavo directs the work of his colleagues when they develop new products and colours as well as unique solutions for individual customers. He loves the spirit of comradery and belonging to RENOLIT when he comes to work every day. Outside of work, he enjoys outdoor sports.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Oguzhan from Istanbul, Turkey?

    For Oguzhan, who works for RENOLIT in Istanbul, the right answer is clear. 

    In Istanbul, Oguzhan is responsible for sales in the domestic Turkish market as well as other export countries in the region. He likes to be at the centre of the action – to learn as much as possible and improve himself. But not just in the workspace: Oguzhan continuously strives to develop himself further in his personal life as well.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Raymond from Guangzhou, China?

    Raymond has an eye to the future.

    As managing director for our Guangzhou location, Raymond develops strategies and action plans for his site. But apart from that, he also loves to find solutions for any issue that might crop up. All the while, he relies on his Guangzhou weather app to know when to bring umbrellas in the rainy summer.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Liam from Cramlington, United Kingdom?

    Liam has some unique insights to share in this video!

    When you have a question about occupational health, Liam is your go-to guy at our Cramlington location in the UK. Here, 297 RENOLIT employees design, develop and produce decorative films. Liam relies on modern technologies for his work, and also to keep in touch with family and friends during the pandemic.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Micheal Kundel from Worms, Germany?

    A very special colleague answers our question in this video! 

    As CEO of RENOLIT, Michael knows our organisation inside out. And for good reason, since he leads the company and regularly makes decisions that impact everyone working here. His position also entails lots of travel and time away from home, but he can always count on his wife’s support. Whenever he is abroad, he always looks forward to returning to his open and lively hometown of Worms.


    What does "Rely on it." mean for Esther from Villatuerta, Spain?

    At work at RENOLIT in Villatuerta, Spain, Esther has a really good eye for quality – and as Operations Coordinator she aims to constantly improve the processes of our Spanish location.

    She loves working together with colleagues from all departments to make that happen. To balance that out in her free time, she enjoys travelling and listening to music.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for David from LaPorte, United States?

    David from LaPorte, Indiana, has something special he relies on.

    David is the head of sales and marketing for North America. In this role, he loves spending time building relationships with his customers. Off work, he is an ambitious amateur blues guitarist – Chicago isn’t far, after all – and relies on quality time with his children and grandchildren.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Imran from Istanbul, Turkey?

    In our Istanbul location, Imran works as a sales support specialist.

    She specialises in after sales support and builds lasting relationships with his customers. She loves and relies on her family to keep her balance.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Ismael from Sant Celoni, Spain?

    For Ismael, a proud citizen of Sant Celoni, not far from Barcelona, working in the production section of our location is not just rewarding in itself – he sees a lot of the good that our company does for the city, too.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Vicky from Beijing, China?

    Vicky relies on a very special part of our Beijing location.

    As director of the innovation centre, Vicky is responsible for the development and launch of new products. Her favourite part of the job is creating new formulations based on our customers’ needs. To stay on top of things, she relies on her notebook to jot down everything, from to-do lists to wishes and expectations.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Daryna from Istanbul, Turkey?

    Daryna pays her colleagues a great compliment!

    Daryna’s goal in the sales support department of our Istanbul location is to make our customers as happy as possible – their appreciation makes her day. Outside of work, she loves and relies on her family.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Javier from Villatuerta, Spain?

    On the production floor of our Villatuerta location in northeastern Spain, Javier is responsible for production programming and raw material management.

    He also leads a team of five. In addition to long walks with his dog, Javier relies on his two children as well as sports such as capoeira to keep him occupied outside of work.

    What does "Rely on it." mean for Jan-Willem from Riel, Netherlands?

    Jan-Willem gets around, so his answer is based on his experiences with our customers!

    In Riel, in the Netherlands, Jan-Willem is the person to talk to when you want to know what our customers think. After all, he spends most of his time visiting them as head of global sales for stretched ceiling films. Outside of work, he spends time with his family, with whom he lives in a lovely countryside location close to the sea.