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    The constructions below ground level, generally in urban areas, need to be protected against groundwater (moisture, water under pressure, infiltration water) but also against hazardous gas (radon, polluted soil). A very effective method to waterproof them is to place a geomembrane barrier between the ground and the construction, so that the entire envelope of the structure below ground is protected against water ingress (tanking).

    The experience has shown that PVC-based geomembranes are the most adapted solution for the protection of foundations, providing a strong watertight and gastight barrier. Its superior mechanical behaviour makes PVC geomembranes an adaptable and flexible skin for the structure, with service life over 100 years according to last scientific research.

    RENOLIT offers a full range of geomembranes certified in accordance to the most stringent European standards, including both loose-laid and fully-bonded systems. Typical uses:

    • underground parking
    • archive and storage rooms
    • leisure centers
    • cellar rooms
    • ventilated residential and commercial areas, half-buried houses

    According to the grade of protection required by each use, our technical experts can recommend different waterproofing solutions, from basic single-layer systems to sophisticated double-layer system with vacuum and re-injectable devices.


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