Charter of the Economic Alliance for Democracy in Worms

A post by:     Michael Kundel
Last updated: 2024-04-17

We can all feel it: the democratic values that have enabled us to live in freedom, security and prosperity in recent decades are not only under pressure - they are under serious threat. We want to do something about this. That is why we have joined a new economic alliance for democracy here in Worms.

Our responsibility

As CEO of RENOLIT, I am aware of the great responsibility we have as a company. We clearly stand for tolerance, diversity and democracy. Indeed, our responsibility goes far beyond purely economic concerns. We are not only an important player in our society, but also want to stand up for our many thousands of employees and their families.
We firmly believe that corporate responsibility also includes promoting democratic values and institutions. We want to play an active role in working together to combat all forms of extremism, intolerance and hate.

Together for our democracy

Together with 30 other leading companies in the Worms region, we now want to go one step further - and have created an alliance with a fundamental charter. I am proud to be one of the initiators of this alliance on behalf of RENOLIT.
In addition to the patron and political scientist Prof Dr Karl-Rudolf Korte, other initiators include Volksbank Alzey-Worms eG, TIMBRA Consulting GmbH and EWR AG.
It is a particularly strong sign that the leading trade unions have also joined our alliance.

We love diversity

As CEO of RENOLIT, I experience the value of diversity on a daily basis. At our headquarters in Worms, we are a community of employees with around 30 different nationalities. Regardless of culture, religion or sexuality: everyone is valuable, everyone is part of #TeamRENOLIT. I want to preserve that - and I will always fight for it.
Our employees are the heart of our company. By establishing the alliance, we want to ensure that they work in an environment characterised by respect, fairness and the right to freedom of expression.

Democracy and openness to the world are an economic factor

As a company, we naturally always have our economic success in mind. Democracy and cosmopolitanism are also hugely important economic factors here.
Populist parties and politicians are questioning the continued existence of the European Union, for example. As a company with strong exports, we at RENOLIT benefit greatly from the EU and intensive international cooperation.
When travelling to international partners and customers, I also clearly sense that they are keeping a close eye on social changes in Germany.
This is another reason why we as a company, and I personally as CEO, are so vehemently committed to a strong EU and to openness and diversity, as well as to deregulation and the elimination of bureaucracy. These are two sides of the same coin that we want to achieve. It is exhausting and tedious, but it is a characteristic of the struggle for good solutions in a democracy.

Diversity and skills shortage

Diversity and democracy are of great importance, especially in light of the growing shortage of skilled labour.
How can we attract highly qualified skilled workers from abroad if they then clearly feel that they are not really welcome here?
It is therefore also our task to secure skilled labour for Worms in the spirit of the intergenerational contract. At a time when radical forces are fighting diversity, we must promote an attractive workplace that is open to all. Without immigration, we endanger our prosperity and the promises of the welfare state.

An unwavering commitment to openness, tolerance and respect

At a time when democratic values and principles are increasingly being called into question, the Charter for Democracy shows that the Worms business community is working together in favour of openness, tolerance and respectful coexistence. I am proud that RENOLIT is fully committed to this. Together we stand up for our values.