Installation principles (slabs + walls)

    Installation principles

    The combination of the different RENOLIT ALKORPRO variants enables an integral tanking system with a single base material (PVC-P), ensuring continuity and compatibility all over the structure contour and isolating it from the surrounding ground water and gases. Experience has shown that connections between different waterproofing products are always a weak point of the system and sometimes can result in leaks caused by the differential behavior of its elements. Continuity in product performance is therefore a key point to minimize the risk of problems on site.

    The continuity of RENOLIT ALKORPRO system is achieved with the combination of its variants:

    • On the base, RENOLIT ALKORPRO is installed before the pouring of the ground slab.
    • On the walls, RENOLIT ALKORPRO can be installed before pouring the structural concrete (pre-applied system) or after (post-applied system).
    • Finally, on the roof or podium deck, RENOLIT ALKORPRO is installed once the concrete is casted (post-applied).

    Since all these elements are executed with variants of the same product, all connections can be perfectly executed by one of the 3 methods explained in following pages.

    RENOLIT ALKORPRO provides versatility and effectiveness to your construction design and can be adapted to all types of foundation designs and configurations. And the most important thing, this is achieved with a straightforward range of membranes and accessories. 


    The RENOLIT ALKORPRO membrane must be installed on a flat, clean and smooth substrate free from protrusions and sharp edges. The fleece surface needs to be oriented to the concrete to pour.


    In case of pre-application, the RENOLIT ALKORPRO membrane must be installed directly on the formwork, before the pouring of the concrete. In case of post-application, the RENOLIT ALKORPRO membrane can be installed on the wall, on top of already hardened concrete.