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    RENOLIT Healthcare International Management Meeting 2023 in Enkhuizen, Netherlands

    2023-09-21 〉From September 19 to 21 RENOLIT Healthcare held its first International Management Meeting at its flagship site in and around the beautiful city of Enkhuizen in the Netherlands. Inspired by the surrounding maritime and the meeting’s main theme, Together We Are ONE, the management and other key teams were led by Thomas H. Sampers, General Manager Healthcare and Executive Board Member RENOLIT SE, on their quest to become true Healthcare rebels.

    Day 1 of the meeting, which also was the international “Talk Like A Pirate” day, started at the Enkhuizen site. This flagship site was chosen because of its exemplary strategy execution status and to give the international teams valuable insights into the lobby concept, the LEAN philosophy, as well as provide site tours through the production, clean room and storage facilities.

    On Day 2 the team attended a sustainability workshop led by the Ocean Movement, where they learned about micro plastics in rivers and oceans and how to avoid plastic pollution on both organizational and individual levels. The learnings were directly implemented via citywide tours throughout Enkhuizen, where team members participated in a garbage collection led by volunteers from the local RENOLIT Healthcare team. In the afternoon, the team was split into three strategy workshops focused on the following areas:

    • “ONE RENOLIT 2030” Strategy
    • Sustainability
    • Image & Brand

    The workshops proved to be extremely fruitful in their outcomes, with many lessons learned and team spirit boosted. The practice of bringing individuals together from many different nations, backgrounds and skill sets is what made the meeting's main theme, "Together We Are ONE" truly tangible for all participants. To conclude the three meeting days, participants enjoyed a walking dinner at the Zuiderzee Museum, followed by an eventful evening of tournament strategy games. Each game was carefully selected and creatively implemented in connection with the five pillars of the “ONE RENOLIT 2030” strategy. After five rounds of very tense competition among teams, Captain Thomas H. Sampers made an unexpected decision that illustrated a far larger picture to be seen other than winning within one's own team: 

    We can only win as a team if ALL internal teams collaborate together, because “Together We Are ONE,” RENOLIT Healthcare team!

    On the final day, the International Management Meeting ropes were tied together to build a single, even stronger rope. The day kicked-off with a presentation of the revised Together Towards Health vision and mission, followed by workshop teams sharing the outcomes of their activities and valuable learnings to the entire group. 

    The meeting wrapped-up with a “ONE RENOLIT 2030” strategy presentation given by Thomas H. Sampers to the RENOLIT Healthcare rebels, summarizing the meeting's strategy goals and key elements. In spite of working tirelessly for three days straight to understand and develop strategies conducive to organizational success, the meeting concluded with evident positivity and a newly-ignited fire to increase and sustain better work performance. The new team spirit throughout the room served as a fresh start for the group and energized everyone for the time to come.