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    Unlocking innovation synergies for our customers: RENOLIT Corporate Innovation met their colleagues from RENOLIT Healthcare

    2022-10-21 ⟩ At the end of October, both innovation teams from RENOLIT Corporate Innovation and RENOLIT Healthcare met at the new Amsterdam Innovation Center close to the Schiphol airport for an in-depth networking session and presentations of innovation highlights of each team’s project portfolio.

    Knowledge transfer and alignment meetings between the innovation teams within the RENOLIT Group happen regularly in-person and remote. But this one was special since RENOLIT Healthcare’s Amsterdam Innovation Center, after it’s relocation, now features a new cleanroom with a granulating line designed to supply the emerging 3D printing medical component market and a soon-to-be ready blown-film line equipped with RENOLIT Healthcare’s newest EM-technology. This research area is called Technikum and is completed by lab space and raw material storage.

    Usually, the Technikum at the Amsterdam Innovation Center is at the heart of our collaboration with partners, customers and end-customers. And also this time during the meet-up between the RENOLIT Corporate Innovation team and RENOLIT Healthcare’s innovation team, the exchange of ideas continued and triggered more discussions around potential innovation opportunities within RENOLIT Healthcare, as well as for the entire RENOLIT Group.

    Back in the meeting room, further innovation projects were presented. The RENOLIT Healthcare innovation team elaborated on the EM-Technology which allows the development of the next generation in ultrathin multilayered films with unseen properties such as improved gas barrier, higher puncture resistance, and advanced flexibility. The RENOLIT Corporate Innovation presented the upcoming Innovation Academy and the Innovation Portfolio Management process. The most time was spent on a number of key-projects where several opportunities for collaboration could be identified, for example in the exploration in flexible solar cell films and film technology for yield increase in agriculture.

    The meeting proved again, that when bright minds meet, even more bright ideas and innovations are born. Both sides rated the meeting as extremely successful with a great potential for innovation opportunities and collaborations to shape the future within the RENOLIT Group, RENOLIT Healthcare, and the healthcare market.

    Together Towards Health – Together into the future