RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000 Printed reinforced membrane with lacquer.
    Double-lacquered printed 1.5 mm reinforced laminate available in exclusive designs to decorate at the same time as waterproof. 
    It is available in 7 different attractive colours.

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    Catalogues and Brochures

    Download iconCommercial Brochure - RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000/3000, TOUCH, CERAMICS, XTREME
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    Download iconProfessional catalogue for reinforced liner installers RENOLIT ALKORPLAN
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    Technical Data Sheets

    Download icon35417 - RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000 Membrane
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
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    Download icon81122 - RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000 Non-slip
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
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