RENOLIT ALKORPLAN VOGUE arose from the idea of transforming the swimming pool into a true design object. The inspiration comes from refined, modern and aesthetically cutting-edge finishes to create the pool of your dream.

    2 mm reinforced laminate, printed and with relief, inspired in interior design and trends. With the same properties as the TOUCH range.

    If you like comfort and design for your home, don't forget your pool too.

    VOGUE is inspired by the latest interior design trends. The principle is to apply the resources of interior designers and architects used in house building to the pool, to make it into another element in harmony with the home.

    Make your Pool in harmony with your garden

    The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN VOGUE collection is the new range of 2 mm pool membranes, of high quality, with the same technical characteristics as the TOUCH range.

    This range is inspired in interior design and trends. This year VOGUE launches onto the market 3 reinforced membrane designs, printed and with relief, with class C anti-slip properties, as well as their corresponding liquid PVC’s.



    VOGUE special designs

    The singularity of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN VOGUE

    2 mm thick

    3D embossing

    3 exclusive prints inspired on the latest interior design trends

    Guarantee 10 years watertightness

    suitable for installation in slippery areas

    slip resistance category C

    suitable for both overlap and butt welding



    Catalogues and Brochures

    Download iconCommercial Brochure - RENOLIT ALKORPLAN VOGUE/TOUCH/CERAMICS/2000/3000
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    12 MB
    Download iconProfessional catalogue for reinforced liner installers RENOLIT ALKORPLAN
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    7 MB

    Technical Data Sheets

    Download icon35717 - RENOLIT ALKORPLAN VOGUE Membrane
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    243 KB
    Download icon81020 - RENOLIT ALKORPLAN VOGUE Seam Sealant
    application/pdf Document (PDF)
    209 KB
    Download icon81113T20 - Butt weld backing strip
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    166 KB
    Download icon81006 005-006-007 - RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Fungicidal Geotextile
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    149 KB
    Download icon80145001 - RENOLIT ALKORGLUE Neoprene based contact glue
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    49 KB