Strong partnership

    The specialist wholesaler for hardware technology Nüßing supplies manufacturers in the window and door industry as well as the building element trade throughout Germany. The full-range supplier has recently added RENOLIT BENDIT to its portfolio.  Sales Manager Wilfried Pelkmann spoke to RENOLIT about his motives for the cooperation.

    RENOLIT: Mr Pelkmann, what prompted you to include the cladding panel in your range?


    Pelkmann: RENOLIT BENDIT, the edgebanded panel with which jointless pillar and corner claddings can be produced, came at the right time because it fills a very special gap in our range. I was fascinated by the unique position of the product, as there was nothing comparable on the market for window construction until now. Our goal is to make our customers more successful through products that offer solutions to problems. And RENOLIT BENDIT achieves this. A major advantage is that it is easy to work with on the construction site. There is no need for a lot of manual adjustment work and the additional work of other trades (sheet metal edging, surface coatings, etc.). Therefore, RENOLIT BENDIT is the decisive problem solver on the building site.



    RENOLIT: Do you see any other concrete advantages with RENOLIT BENDIT?


    Pelkmann: One notable advantage is the aluminium composite material from which the cladding panel is made. This makes it light and dimensionally stable. The fact that the ten best-known or most common surfaces for window decors can be reproduced is also a strong selling point. For us, it is also attractive that we can now offer a product system that interlocks. In addition, the ease of handling benefits both us in delivery and the fabricators. In addition to shipping, we also offer collection for RENOLIT BENDIT.


    RENOLIT: Did your customers specifically ask for such a product before our cladding panel came onto the market?


    Pelkmann: Yes, at in-house trade fairs and innovation days, craftsmen drew our attention to the problem that there was no connecting cladding element between the window and the façade that could be worked with in such a flexible way. The desire for dimensional stability was also mentioned. We have been searching for a long time for a product to solve these problems for our customers.



    RENOLIT: And how have your customers reacted to RENOLIT BENDIT so far? Does it fulfil their wishes?


    Pelkmann: In discussions with customers - especially window manufacturers and installers - there is an AHA effect. These customers carry the enthusiasm on to the end customer, to whom they can offer a perfectly formed solution.



    RENOLIT: What support do you get from your partner RENOLIT when launching the product? How do you ensure that your customers get the support they need?


    Pelkmann: RENOLIT's sales department is there to advise us and provides us with sufficient documentation and assembly documentation to position the product well on the market and to instruct our customers on how to use it. Together with RENOLIT, we have developed a support service for end customers that leaves no questions unanswered. The product concept itself is ingenious, yet simple and does not require much explanation. In the case of the fastening system, customers have reported back to us that the professional installation materials are helpful.



    RENOLIT: How can interested customers find out more about the practical application of the product?


    Pelkmann: We are currently still in the start-up phase of the RENOLIT BENDIT distribution, but we are already actively presenting the product. For example, we will soon be starting a roadshow in the assembly area, where RENOLIT BENDIT will be a highlight. This way, our customers can get a direct impression of the product in practice.


    RENOLIT: When did a partnership with RENOLIT come to your mind?


    Of course, the good brand name of RENOLIT had been known to us for a long time - in our industry, you can hardly get around it. Many of our customers have been using decor profiles with RENOLIT surfaces for decades. Our trust in the RENOLIT brand was already there through this point of contact. This is now our first direct cooperation with RENOLIT. The cooperation also fits well into our "Market with Brands" concept. We became aware of the new product through a sales force contact, so we approached you directly. We are looking forward to expanding the cooperation.