Press release 20 02 2023


    Grupo Virto, the Spanish company specialized in the production and distribution of frozen vegetables whose warehouse roof now presents 20k m2 of a white membrane, thus also becoming the protagonist of the Cool3 campaign.

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 20 02 2023 – Grupo Virto, a company of Navarre origin specialized in the production of frozen vegetables for large-scale distribution, hospitality, and industry, has installed a large 20,000 m² waterproof roof made with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright to strengthen sustainability and reduce energy consumption in its warehouse-freezer in Funes (Navarre).

    It is one of the company's most representative cold rooms, with a storage capacity of approximately 56,000 European-type pallets and a 'stock' of between 50 and 70 million kilos of frozen food. More specifically, 1.5 mm RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright has been applied to the 20k square meters of roof surface, the white 'cool roof' membrane that has a reflective index of 115, decreases the energy requirements of buildings and is the ideal choice for the installation of a photovoltaic system, as in the case of Virto. The lower temperature maintains the maximum efficiency of the panels.

    Teamwork has proven to be critical to success. First and foremost, that of Juan Virto, industrial director of Grupo Virto, he led this initiative and was particularly attentive to environmental issues, since it is a key axis in the company's policy. In this sense, Juan Virto stated that "in the room of our center in Funes, sustainability becomes a key factor, since, in summer, the temperature on the surface of its roofs reaches very high temperatures, while, inside, it must be maintained constantly cold, requiring a large consumption of energy”.

    Another member of the project is Infrisa Construcciones y Obras S.A. from Barcelona, a company specializing in the construction of turnkey cold stores, and Raima 2005 BCN, S.L., the installers from Sant Boi de Llobregat. Ariadna Ruiz, purchasing and budget manager at Infrisa, states that “RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright cool roof is an effective product, in terms of waterproofing, but also in terms of sustainability. Having a very high reflectivity, it significantly reduces energy consumption. It helps the environment and at the same time offers an economic advantage”.

    Fermín Urrutia, production director of Raima, states that “the sustainability of a product is an added value that companies appreciate more and more. Virto is located in the Ebro Valley, an area where agriculture is impressive. Our customers are more environmentally aware and for us it has become a necessity to be able to offer something that can distinguish us. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright is not only a membrane with undoubted technical qualities, but it also allows us to offer you this plus as a green product".

    RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products has over time developed products and solutions that help companies to keep their energy meters low and to be increasingly sustainable. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright participates in the Cool3 campaign of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products, i.e. the planting of a tree for every 100 square meters of product sold. 200 trees were planted, which made it possible to capture 69,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

    Adrià Benseny, Sales Manager of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products, presented Juan Virto with the certificate of participation in the Cool3 campaign. "We are happy to think that more companies can share our opinions and draw inspiration to invest in sustainable actions", Virto explained.