Press release 15 07 2021


    RENOLIT was awarded by the jury of the prestigious award for the innovation achieved developing a product with «a better performance using less material»

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, July 15 2021 - RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart is confirmed as the RENOLIT roofing products flagship, winning the Rethink Awards 2021 in the manufacturer category. On 23 June, the jury of this prestigious award in fact awarded RENOLIT for the innovation achieved by developing a product that achieves «a better performance using less material» compared to other roofing products of the same category. The Rethink Awards - organised for companies associated with NRK and PlasticsEurope Netherlands - are designed to enhance innovations that contribute to sustainability, reduce CO2 emissions, stimulate the circular economy, improve user safety and comfort.

    42 companies competed for 7 awards, six awarded by a professional jury within 3 categories (manufacturer, processor, recycler), two awarded per category (product and initiative) and a 7th award chosen by the public.

    Among the reasons that made RENOLIT get the recognition is that the flexible PVC-P membrane RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart, thanks to its high reflective value, keeps the internal temperature of buildings lower, thus decreasing the use of air conditioning systems and reducing CO2 emissions. On top of that, the jury also underlined that «the high reflective capacity also increases the productivity of solar panels». An innovation, therefore, that allows energy saving and produces sustainable energy at the same time. It is no coincidence that the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart membrane contributes to the LEED, BREEAM, GREEN sustainability certifications. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart, being only 1.2 mm thick, is much more sustainable than any other synthetic membrane, because of its positive relationship between the resources used and the yield provided throughout its life. A membrane that can be completely recycled at the end of its life cycle. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart is an active part of the RENOLIT strategy in favor of sustainability and the circular economy.