The Panel to Bend

    RENOLIT BENDIT perfects the construction and design of cladding around PVC windows

    A typical situation on a construction site: the windows are installed, everything fits, but a color-coordinated corner trim between two windows or matching trims for reveals, lintels or pillars are missing. Until now, the window construction company often had to have such parts made by third parties - and usually with a surface that differed from the coating of the window profiles.

    This is where RENOLIT BENDIT comes in - a foil-coated cladding panel that takes its name literally: it can be cold-formed without any white fracture phenomena in the decorative surface. This is made possible by a new type of coating film specially created by RENOLIT for this application, which is available in a selected range of colors, decors and embossings to match the RENOLIT EXOFOL films. In addition, it has all the well-known strengths, such as the Solar Shield Technology (SST) heat protection shield or the low maintenance requirements. All that is needed for cleaning is water or an unconcentrated washing-up liquid and a soft sponge or cloth. SST reduces temperatures in the cladding panel with IR-reflecting color pigments.

    Milling a slot is enough

    The basis for RENOLIT BENDIT is an aluminum composite panel. "To edge it, the processor simply has to mill a V-shaped slot on the back at the desired point using a panel or router. He can then set the two legs exactly to the required angle of up to 90°," says Project Manager Rainer Langner, explaining the machining process. RENOLIT BENDIT is installed using screw or rivet connections and can also be glued if, for example, no visible fastening points are desired.

    The seamless surface of the edged cladding panel creates solutions for pillars and corners, for reveals and lintels that look as if they have been cast from a single mold. At the start of series production, the ten most popular foil surfaces will initially be available; a successive expansion of the color and decor range is planned.