RENOLIT CORK-STOCK is the perfect way to create an attractive and functional finish on caravan walls and ceilings. The WPC cover layer is available in a wide range of single colours with various textured finishes. The dimensions of the product are also perfectly tailored to the application: Widths of up to 2.3 m allow you to create a seamless finish on interior walls, without the need for tape; the cover layer becomes an integral part of the wall and ceiling construction. Thanks to its high dimensional stability and anti-rot, water-resistant properties, RENOLIT CORK-STOCK is a lightweight yet durable material, making it the perfect choice to take on the road.  

At its maximum width of 1.5 m, RENOLIT CORK-STOCK is the ideal cover layer for use in the caravan and ship fitting industries; it can also be combined with RENOLIT GORCELL cores to produce water-resistant furniture panels. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, the material can be processed into low-radius moulded components.



RENOLIT CORK-STOCK convinces with the following properties:

dimensional stability



Applications: caravans, mobile homes, yachts and shop interiors
Availability:  on request
Material: WPC
Processing type:  2D lamination, moulding
Properties: dimensional stability, rot-proof and waterproof 
Surface: MDF 
Appearance: Solid colours with high-gloss effects
Roll length: 200 linear metres
Delivery: minimum 1 roll