Long-term Corrosion Protection for Wind Turbines

    Everybody knows the motto “Time is Money”? This is especially true in the wind energy industry. Every defect, every repair which results in the wind turbine being temporarily decommissioned costs money. For this reason, RENOLIT SE as an experienced film manufacturer has developed a new corrosion protection film and is now in cooperation with WP Group, an all-round service contractor for the maintenance and repair of wind turbines, to distribute the film in the wind energy industry. 

    The corrosion protection film for the wind energy industry is the first product of a new portfolio developed by RENOLIT and now distributed in cooperation with WP Energy (part of the WP Group). WP Energy is a provider of inspection, repair and maintenance services with a focus on onshore and offshore wind energy.

    RENOLIT already delivers reliable solutions for a wide variety of industrial areas with its concept “film instead of paint”. As opposed to conventional coatings, films offer numerous advantages: The film application is less dependent on the weather conditions than paint. Temperature fluctuations or rain shortly after the application are unproblematic. Therefore, repairs are easier to schedule.

    As opposed to other paint-based corrosion protection systems which require two or three coats, the application of the RENOLIT CP only requires  primer with short drying time, afterwards the film can be applied and no further drying time needed.  

    RENOLIT's corrosion protection films are durable and offer protection of 10 years. This significantly reduces maintenance demand. Together with the rapid application and repair, this results in less turbine down-time.

    The corrosion protection film RENOLIT CP has a constant film thickness of 160 µm (microns) and thus offers a smooth, flat surface. Few particles such as dirt or moss attach to its homogeneous surface. Furthermore, the films are extremely flexible and can be applied to highly complex geometries.

    RENOLIT CP is also environmentally friendly: No volatile organic compounds (VOC) or problematic wastes are released or caused. This avoids hazards for people and the environment as well as health risks.