Colour Road 2020/21 - New colour and design trends for facades

    The Colour Road is here, bringing the new trends in color design for your facade for the year 2020/21. In this way, RENOLIT sets strong color accents that appeal to sensuality and contrast with the dreary gray of the lockdown winter. The color palette ranges from a dark green to a soft pink and evokes memories of various scents such as those of pine or wild rose. Thus, the new trend color palette for the product portfolio is inspired by our sense of smell and adds an extra dimension to the visual experience.

    The Colour Road is developed together with Corporate Design Management, which works closely with international trend institutes. "Before we create new color trends, we observe socio-cultural currents," explains Verena Mundle, Corporate Design Management Officer at RENOLIT. In addition to the work with product developers and color experts, the current Colour Road is characterized in particular by the exchange with odor experts.


    Smells are often perceived subconsciously, but manage to evoke certain associations or concrete memories more easily than other senses. The colors of the three trend worlds TEMPTATION, APPRECIATION and VITALIZATON for the foil products each refer to special smells within the framework of the smell story. TEMPTATION lets you immerse yourself in a world of pure scents - wild roses and lavender appeal to areas of the brain that promote relaxation. The TEMPTATION trend world is all about original fragrances through the combination of color and scent. Behind the colors of APPRECIATION are complex scents, such as those found in red wine and coffee beans. Here the focus is on taste, passion and conscious consumption. VITALIZATION takes you on a journey of invigorating scents: be it the smell of the salty sea with a soft blue hue or the intense scent of a pine forest with its deep green.



    Verena Mundle explains that Covid-19 in particular has brought the issues of the environment and the impact of consumption more and more into focus. The trends in the current color palette were already identified before the pandemic and reinforced by its course. Due to the forced deceleration of the world and the retreat into the private sphere, the effects of globalization are coming more strongly to the fore in contrast. The consumption of natural resources is high and the social trend is increasingly moving in the direction of ecological responsibility and sustainable action. Therefore, the colors reinforce a mood of pause.