Renovation of facades with RENOLIT REFACE provides precision solutions

    As a provider of innovative precision solutions, WESKO GmbH from Stollberg relies on a modern and appealing external appearance, which is also expressed in the facade of the new building constructed in 2013. This was designed with trendy aluminum cassettes - gray above and ultramarine blue below. Unfortunately, after just four years, the first visual damage appeared in the blue color area, the color faded and chalked out. 

    Last year, the damage had become so extensive that it was necessary to replace the facades. To keep the expense as low as possible, various options were tried out to restore only the paint layer on the surface. However, neither painting methods nor polishing the facade brought the desired success.

    The executing facade company Schneider - die Klempner GmbH from Kirchberg, continued to search for a solution and came across the facade foil RENOLIT REFACE at the beginning of this year. After a trial application, the managing director, Claus-Peter Schneider, decided to carry out the facade renovation with the help of the film.

    "The film was available in exactly the shade of blue we needed for the refurbishment - namely ultramarine blue. Therefore, we were able to start directly and did not have to rework or even replace any of the affected components, such as doors, windows or window sills. The variety of colors available from RENOLIT is a particular advantage in addition to the practical batch sizes," says Claus-Peter Schneider.

    Since the facade company had not worked with foils before, the employees were trained for two days at short notice at the RENOLIT branch office in Frankenthal as well as directly on site. Afterwards, they were able to carry out the refurbishment of the facade on time.


    „Unsere Arbeiter haben innerhalb von fünf Tagen rund 260 Quadratmeter Folie verarbeitet“, so Schneider. „Das war schon eine echte Herausforderung – aber auch eine tolle Erfahrung. Die Folie lässt sich sehr gut verarbeiten und ist eine gute Ergänzung zur Metallfassade. Zukünftig werden wir sowohl bei Sonderfarben oder kleineren Aufträgen als auch bei nachträglichen Farbwünschen und Sanierungen unseren Kunden RENOLIT REFACE empfehlen.“

    Da die Arbeiten mit einem Rollgerüst durchgeführt werden konnten, entfiel auch das teure Einrüsten. Für alle Beteiligten also ein Gewinn.