RENOLIT NATGOR is a multilayer composite material. The natural fiber mat strengthens the impact resistance of the material.

    Andrea Strignano R&D Manager Composites

    The Product

    RENOLIT NATGOR is a composite material based on a multilayer structure. The structure is composed of extruded polyolefin layers and embedded natural fibers. 

    The product can be provided with textiles or films applied on the surfaces.



    • Lightweight
    • Medium-high stiffness
    • Excellent impact resistance  
    • Excellent termoformability
    • Use of natural renewable raw materials
    • 100% Recyclable 
    • Low emissions/VOC


    • One-step process
    • Glue free
    • Re-use of cut-off trim
    • Simple tooling
    • Different type of cutting
    • Inserts made of various materials
    • Can join different covering materials
    • Fast cycle times


        • Reliable technical support
        • Fast reaction time
        • Thermoforming know-how
        • Low minimum order quantity