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    More than just products – we renamed our Social Media channels to RENOLIT Healthcare Solutions

    2022-03-15 ⟩ For quite some time we had the itch that we have outgrown our initial naming on Social Media. RENOLIT Healthcare Products didn’t reflect the many values we provide to our customers beyond polymer products. Since our re-positioning started in 2020, we aimed to become a global sparring partner for our customers, partners, and startups who are joining us to bring healthcare to the next level. We documented this vision with a new key-visual and the tagline “Together Towards Health”.

    From now on, you will find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and – raise the curtain – also on YouTube under the name “RENOLIT Healthcare Solutions”. This name reflects our holistic offering so much better than “Products”. Are you in for some examples?

    • With our three global innovation centres in Amsterdam, California, and Beijing, we are collaborating with customers, partners, and startups on innovations far beyond our polymer film business.
    • We are partnering with Photanol B.V. on the fossil-free production of purest polymer raw materials by just using CO2, sunlight and a little help from cyanobacteria. Through this partnership we also entered the market of polymer bioreactors.
    • Our new EM-Technology allows the development of the next generation in ultra-thin multi-layer films with unseen properties, while improving existing properties and reducing raw material usage significantly.
    • The above mentioned EM-Technology is the first technology we are offering as a service to our customers who are producing films themselves.
    • To contribute our part to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we stepped up our biotechnology offering not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. We are actively seeking new partnerships in the biotech market to overcome quality, availability, and compatibility challenges by major drug and pharmaceutical players.
    • Through our initiatives Circular Carbon Management and RENOLIT goes Circular we are heavily investing in making our offerings, production, and services more sustainable with the ultimate goal to become circular.
    • These are just a few examples and we have such a filled pipeline with new, exciting, and value-creating solutions – that are secret for now – but we can’t wait to tell you about them. So like and subscribe to our Social Media channels to be amongst the first to get to know them.

    As you can see, with our cooperative, innovative, and sustainable solutions, we are far beyond being a mere product supplier. Therefore, we are happy to reflect those internal changes externally by renaming our Social Media Channels to “RENOLIT Healthcare Solutions”. For your convenience, please find direct links below:

    Together Towards Health – Together on Social Media