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    RENOLIT ONDEX HR - High Resistance
    The reference in roofing and cladding

    RENOLIT ONDEX BI-STRETCHED PVC sheets in the High Resistance range are designed for use in roofing and cladding.
    They are particularly suitable for industrial construction.

    The qualities of RENOLIT ONDEX HR sheets are such that they can be used in the most difficult environments for high quality constructions :

    Warranties   Up to 10 years depending on the legal warranties in force in the country.
    Fire classification   M1, class 1, B1, B s1 d0 (BS476-Part 7, Euroclasses), Γ1, self-extinguishing, smoke extraction
    1200 Joules approval   Yes (depending on profile and installation method)
    Technical approvals   Technical opinions of the CSTB, 1200 J, Zulassung, Aprobata techniczna ITB, VUPS Certificaeni spolecnost, BG Bau, Class B non-fragile...
    Shock resistance   Resistance to hail and sports ball impacts
    Light transmission   Crystal, translucid, diffusing ivory or opaque
    Chemical resistance   Resistance to saline climates, resistance to chemicals (broad spectrum of resistance)

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