Why is repair work important for your wind turbines?

    Long downtimes of wind turbines are not only a hassle, but also very costly. Fully functional wind turbines are the basis of a successful wind farm. Timely repairs are therefore an existential component for the success of any wind energy company and save a lot of time and money in the end.

    With our professionally trained and experienced specialists, WP Group supports you in all upcoming maintenance measures and creates individual solutions for the repairs of your wind turbines. 

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    The causes of damage to wind turbines are various. Especially considering all the different materials a wind turbine is made of, from solid steel or concrete to glassfibre (GFRP) rotor blades. The diverse potential damage is therefore inevitable.

    When do wind turbines need to be repaired?

    Repairs become necessary, for example, when a service technician strikes the tower of a wind turbine with a tool from the rope during repair work. The flaking of the anti-corrosion paint creates a damaged area that becomes susceptible to corrosion within a very short time. The repairs that arise due to corrosion are one of the core tasks of the WP Group in the context of tower refurbishment. 

    Repairs, such as the reconditioning of rotor blades or the repair of defective parts in the nacelle, are also part of the WP Group's broad service portfolio. All wind turbines, whether on- or offshore, are exposed to extreme weather conditions on a daily basis:

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    Strong UV radiation

    RENOLIT_icon storm snow

    Rain & strong wind

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    Hail, salt water

    Customized repair plan according to your needs

    The age of the wind turbines, the type of turbine, the location, as well as your wishes and goals have an influence on the maintenance requirements of the turbines. In order to ensure an optimal and for you cost-saving use of our specialized personnel, it is advisable to discuss with us in advance and thus carry out a remote or close-up diagnosis of the wind turbines.

    Thanks to our many years of experience, we can act quickly and in a targeted manner to repair damage at an early stage. 

    Tackle corrosion problem on wind turbine tower

    We offer not only repairs to your wind turbines, but also long-term protection for wind turbines together with RENOLIT. 

    The innovative corrosion protection film RENOLIT CP is certified according to ISO 129449-CX. So, you can sit back and relax while we take care of your wind turbines to ensure optimal operation. 

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